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Our Mission

Lancaster Christian Academy's mission is to make Jesus famous in the lives of our students by building intentional, Christ-centered relationships and fostering a safe environment where biblical standards of living are celebrated and meaningful learning takes place. 


About LCA

Atmosphere, character, relationship, and education are important words at Lancaster Christian Academy. LCA is an incredible school located one block off of Murfreesboro Road, in the heart of Smyrna. Lancaster Christian Academy was founded with the objective of providing an excellent education in a Christian environment. The school community where a child spends the greatest portion of their day is very important. The result of a good contemporary Christian school is a place where the student can thrive and succeed in a loving, safe, and fun atmosphere. LCA's environment fosters individuality, creativity, and self-esteem.

At Lancaster Christian Academy, the students are nurtured in an intimate setting while receiving an excellent education with Christian values. Educationally, the school tests two years above the national average. The ages accepted are grades infants through High School. While education, test scores, and striving for academic excellence are certainly important priorities, the student's relationship in loving, knowing, and following the Lord Jesus Christ is number one. Next, because a child spends a good part of their life in school, the LCA atmosphere can be a place where Christian values and character are taught daily. Lastly, because we represent the Lord Jesus Christ, the educational part of LCA is excellent.
"We work to GUARANTEE success!" Highly motivated Christian teachers, a nationally recognized accredited curriculum, and individual student attention are a daily part of LCA with a goal of our students being equipped to make an impact on future generations. It is the purpose of Lancaster Christian Academy to have students grow up with a quality Biblical Education in a Christian Atmosphere that equips them to make successful life choices in their careers, communities, homes, and churches. It is the general philosophy of LCA that when the student fails, the teacher fails. We will do whatever it takes to ensure student success!

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